Coocomba is an online software that helps small organic food companies find more permanent clients during the pandemic.

coocomba app
September 2020 - January 2021
My Role
I was responsible for the UX/UI process which included surveys, competitive analysis, user personas, usability, A/B testing, wireframing, prototyping, brand guidelines, and more.

What exactly is the problem?

With COVID-19 hitting the world, more and more businesses are going down. Small businesses and individuals who were selling their products on farmers markets didn't have a way to sell them online. There are plenty of delivery apps, but most of them are linked to restaurants or large supermarkets. Small businesses that sell fruit, vegetables, and dairy products were forced to sell products on farmers markets, and their income was going down due to pandemic restrictions.


The purpose of this software is to help small businesses and individuals find more permanent clients during the global pandemic and save their jobs.

Coocomba app distribution

Majority of countries in recession
Real GDP growth, source: IMF


Now and then — pandemic times

I conducted small surveys with around 20 people who were selling fruit, vegetables, and dairy products on a farmers market before and during the pandemic in Serbia. Data that I collected from that research helped me determine pain points.

Coocomba app distribution

pain points determined by the research

Understanding the user

Potential Coocomba user

After the research, I created a provisional persona of a potential Coocomba user based on the results.

Case study -- Design
Jones Bridgers is a 42 year old small business owner. He was selling fruit and vegetables on a farmers market, but with the global pandemic hitting the world, his business is going down. Jones used to have permanent clients who were coming back every Saturday to buy vegetables for the following week. Now, they are less willing to travel for food and they usually order it online.
Design process

From low fidelity wireframes to final screens

You can see wireframes and final screens below. I tried to make the app clean, minimalist and easy to use.

Rewarp wireframe design
Style guide

Adding details

I tried to make the software looks fresh. As it's related to fruits and vegetables, I chose yellow as the primary color.


And here are the finals!

Coocomba gallery design
Coocomba gallery design
Coocomba gallery design
Coocomba gallery design
Final thoughts

My reflection

Trying to understand pain points and help people save their jobs during the pandemic was really inspiring. The project turned out well. The whole process was very detailed. We went through all phases of research and design. The usability testing was performed with 5 representatives. They mostly found the software easy to use and smooth.

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