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Rewarp is an app that uses AI to detect face alterations made by "liquify", a powerful editing tool for cosmetically adjusting the human face.

rewarp app
Dan Radenkovic
Bozana Radenkovic
Ljubisa Mladenovic
My Role
I was responsible for design process, from research to brand guidelines, UX/UI and usability testing.
January 2020 - June 2020

Photo editing and feeling of inadequacy

In recent years, photo editing became accessible to everyone. With a few clicks, we can alter our appearance beyond recognition and when you scroll through Instagram, all you see are perfect faces without any flaws. It creates an unrealistic beauty ideal and a feeling of inadequacy, not only among teenagers but in all of us.

The Mental Health Foundation and other experts are calling for the introduction of guidelines to protect children from image-editing technology. They say that edited photos on social media are "fueling a mental health crisis because they are creating a warped sense of beauty".

Rewarp apps

Face alterations

With Rewarp we want to make it possible for people to see the real image before photo editing is done.

With its advanced AI, Rewarp detects face alterations made by liquify. We are currently working on improvements to be able to detect other editing tools.

We all agree that you deserve to feel good in your skin .


What is already out there?

Before we started working on the project we spent some time researching other apps that offer similar services. There is only one app, called Mirage, but it uploads images to a web server. We wanted to make our app more professional. Our AI model is served on mobile devices (iPhone, CoreML) instead of uploading images to an external server.

Design process

From low fidelity wireframes to final screens

You can see wireframes and final screens below. I tried to make the app clean, minimalist and easy to use.

Rewarp wireframe design

And finally — finals! ♥

Rewarp gallery design
Rewarp gallery design
Rewarp gallery design
Rewarp gallery design
Rewarp gallery design
Rewarp gallery design
Rewarp gallery design
Rewarp gallery design
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