Curated Planet is a mobile solution that keeps tour operators and travelers in sync.

Curated Planet eliminates the stress of tour pickups, meeting points, and last-minute updates using different ways of communication (in-app, email, SMS) and location-sharing features.


role CP


CP 2


I jumped in the middle of the project where a huge amount of redesign was needed in a short time after the app was tested on users. I was responsible for creating wireframes, prototypes, UI, and visual design and testing it on users. 


Users have difficulties with always turning on the location sharing, they reported it was draining their battery. They were forced to turn it off, but the guides had difficulties finding the guests. 


Another thing was communication between guides, guests, and admins. After research, it was inevitable that chat implementation was needed. 


Pain Points & Solutions


The biggest pain points:

  • No connection between the map pins and the itinerary
  • Turning on location sharing but not draining the battery during the trip
  • Providing a way for communication between guides and guests – chat design


Connection between map pins and the itinerary


Group 446


Implementing Location Sharing


In the previous app version, users were requested always to share their location, so guides can find them. Users reported their battery was draining fast, so they usually turned off location sharing, and guides didn't know anymore where the guests were.


There were cases of bike trips where guests even fell off a bike, and guides couldn't reach and find them. We needed a solution to this.

loc sharing

There are three states now: Location On, Location Off, and Location Alert which prompt users to turn their location on so others can find them. 




Before the app was redesigned, guests could only reach tour assistants through the app, and communication between guides and guests was complicated and done through other apps. Guides were sharing their personal phone number with guests, they were uncomfortable with that.


We needed to implement chat. As there are many roles (admins, guides, guests, app support), it was a challenging experience. Each chat room was thoughtfully designed to serve the best purpose. We ended up with: 

  • Main Office
  • Announcements 
  • Group Chat
  • On-Trip Support
  • App Support


Each of these rooms is differently accessible to different roles. 


Group 258
Chat design – Guide View

Only guides and admins can post announcements. Guides can chat with each guest when guests reach them through On-Trip Support. 






Some more screens

Curated Planet Mockup Big