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Done with

This project was done in collaboration with the Beyond Imagine agency.

My role

I was responsible for creating low and high-fidelity wireframes, prototypes, branding, and visual design


Create an app for scheduling in-person home visits for urgent and routine healthcare matters. 

About the project

The project was done during the COVID-19 pandemic. The goal was to make the scheduling of appointments simple and fast through the short form.

The process: A doctor reviews the symptoms, gathers additional information, and schedules a visit to your home when it suits you. 

The design was fully responsive. 

Rectangle 8

Starting the design

Rectangle 8
1 copy
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Frame 1
Rectangle 8


Foosh Project Icons
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Responsive design

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Foosh Web Mockup
Rectangle 3
foosh mobile mockup 2
Foosh mobile mocup
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Final thoughts

It was great working on this project. I am appreciated that I had a chance to work with Beyond Imagine agency. We received positive feedback and people said that they were willing to use the app.


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