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Bozana Radenkovic
Dan Radenkovic
Ljubisa Mladenovic

My role

I was responsible for user research, competitive analysis, creating low and high-fidelity wireframes, prototypes, branding, and visual design.

About the app

AI app that detects face alterations made by Liquify.

Photo editing and a feeling of inadequacy

In recent years photo editing has become accessible to everyone. With a few clicks, we can alter our appearance beyond recognition, and when you scroll through Instagram, you only see perfect faces without any flaws. It creates an unrealistic beauty ideal and a feeling of inadequacy among teenagers and all of us.

The Mental Health Foundation and the other experts are calling to introduce guidelines to protect children from image-editing technology. They said that edited photos on social media are fuelling mental health crises because they create a warped sense of beauty.

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Edited photos on social media are fuelling mental health crises because they are creating a warped sense of beauty.

– The Mental Health Foundation


Create an app that will detect face alterations on selfies made by Liquify effect.

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Competitive analysis

Before we started working on the project, I researched other apps that offer similar services.

Our key competitor is the Mirage app. It's is our direct competitor offering the same service to the same audience.

  • The app is straightforward but slow in detecting image manipulation
  • There is no info on how the app works
  • Ads appear every 30 seconds, which is very annoying
  • It uploads images to the webserver instead of uploading them to an external server which slower the experience.

Some opportunities we identified include:

  • Serving AI model on mobile devices (iPhone, CoreML) instead of uploading it to an external server
  • Include onboarding screens and explain how the app works
  • Integrate our app with assistive technology
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I did a quick ideation exercise to come up with ideas for how to address gaps identified in the competitive audit. 

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Low-fidelity prototype

To prepare for usability testing, I created a low-fidelity prototype of the main feature of the app. 

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Usability study

I conducted moderated usability study with 5 participants. These were the main findings uncovered by the usability study:

  • People wanted an option to add an image directly from the internet
  • People had difficulty going back to the homepage from the results screen

Refining the design

Based on the insights from the usability studies, I applied design changes like providing an option for uploading image directly from the internet. 

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Finalizing the design

You can download the Rewarp app here.

And visit the website here.

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Rewarp Finals
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Users shared that the app was simple and easy to use. It had approval and disapproval from users. Some of them were for it, said that it's interesting and useful, and some of them were against it, reported that they would feel ashamed if people could see how they retouched the photo.


Next steps

  • Visually improve the app and website
  • Think about more features
  • Work on accessibility
  • Do more research on the positive and negative sides of the app among users.
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